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LNS in short

Governance bodies

The LNS is a public institution managed by the board of directors. The management of the laboratory is entrusted to a director assisted by the executive committee and a scientific advisory board.

Board of Directors

The board of directors is the managing body of the LNS. It defines the general policy, organization and functioning of the laboratory in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and conventions.

Prof. Dr Evelin Schröck

Delegates from the Ministry of Health
Dr Jean-Claude Schmit, vice-president
Dr Thérèse Staub
Mr Xavier Poos
Dr Marc Schlesser
Mrs Lucienne Thommes

Delegates from the Ministry of Justice
Mr Luc Reding
Mr Georges Oswald, expert with an advisory voice

Delegate of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research
Mr Pierre Misteri

Delegate of the Ministry of Economy
Dr Françoise Liners

Delegate of the Ministry of Finance
Mr Serge Hoffmann

LNS staff representative
Mrs Jessica Tapp

Delegate of the Ministry of Consumer Protection
Mr Ian Tewes, observer

Members as at 31 December 2021

Scientific Advisory Board

The scientific advisory board, composed of five members chosen among national and foreign experts, is responsible for contributing to the scientific agenda of the institution, expresses its opinion on the strategic plan and comments on the general guidelines for the activities of the laboratory. The scientific advisory board gives its opinion on all matters falling within the area of competence of the institution.

Executive Committee

The executive committee, composed of the heads of the departments, the heads of the diagnostic centers and the director, meets at regular intervals to coordinate the activity of the institution.

Organisation Chart