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Key facts and figures

Main achievements in 2021 IT

  • Toxicology: development and implementation of a quick and easy appointment booking system for hair sampling.
  • Health protection: launch of the digital appointment booking system and provision of needed IT mobile devices to allow transmission of in real-time data from the field to the lab.
  • Microbiology: provision of IT equipment to the mobile team in the framework of the Outreach activities in nursing homes, prisons, schools, etc.
  • National Center of Genetics (NCG): expansion of information storage capacities of LNS data center, using state-of-the-art and highly secured system, in order to support the increase of NCG activities while ensuring data integrity.

Main achievements in 2021 Hygiene, Safety and Environment

  • Continuous adaptation of the COVID-19 related safety and hygiene measures according to the law in force.
  • Training session “Conduite à tenir en cas de malaise” hold by Julien Huguin, responsible for Hygiene, Safety and Environment at the LNS.

Main achievements in 2021 Human Resources

  • The HR team worked on the development of MPLEO project, the new digital solution that will cover all HR processes and aspects.
  • 2021 was marked by an increase in the recruitments, particularly related to the COVID-19 activities of the LNS: 150 staff recruited (including temporary workers).

Main achievements in 2021 Infrastructure and logistics

  • Performance of an internal space audit in order to be cognizant of the space needed to respond to the increasing development of medical activities.
  • Development and rollout of an automated stock management system for lab consumables and reagents based on the overarching ERP-system.
  • Providing a harmonized and centralized system to perform the regular inventory of lab equipment, keeping up the pace of digitalization and allowing more efficiency.
  • Completion of the MAGNIFICATIO art installation by Luxembourg artist Simone Decker in the entrance hall of the LNS.

Main achievements in 2021 Finance

  • Implementation of a financial data warehouse at end 2021 in order to centralize all the financial and operational data in one safe place and to issue easily and quickly all information/reporting request.
  • New organization in many fields in order to improve the efficiency of the unit and the reporting to the shareholders: enhancement of the investment committee.
  • Better follow-up of the backlog in recruitment, preparation and follow-up of the budget/department.
  • Key involvement in the COVID-19 support actions: financing, negotiations and follow-up.
  • Increasing efforts in digitalisation of our operations especially in the accounting area.