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Pre- and postnatal cytogenetic analyses
Non-invasive prenatal tests (NIPTs)
Molecular Genetics
Constitutional molecular genetic analyses
Molecular Genetics
Hemoglobine separation and quantification
Molecular Genetics
Molecular genetic analyses of solid tumors
Cytogenetics and molecular genetic analyses of haematological malignancies
Clinical genetics
Patients and family members seen in genetic consultations

Main highlights and achievements in 2021

  • Annual presentation of the Plan National Maladies Rares: Prof. Dr Barbara Klink, Dr Guillaume Jouret and Dr Daniel Stieber presented the development of the NCG, its clinical genetics service and a presentation on genomic medicine for Luxembourg with a feature on RTL Television.
  • International European Society of Human Genetics Conference 2021: Oral presentation by Dr Dominique Bourgeois and Dr Christian Müller about the national program for non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) in Luxembourg.
  • Conference: “Maladies héréditaires en médecine générale”, organised by ALFORMEC at the LNS with presentations of Dr Arthur Sorlin and Prof. Dr Barbara Klink.
  • Acquisition of the NovaSeq 6000 – a next-generation, high-throughput sequencer.
  • Joint LNS-LIH team established to form the LuxGen Genome Center, a single sequencing hub situated at the National Center of Genetics (NCG) at the LNS.
  • Broadcasting of science TV show for the general public “PISA – De Wëssensmagazin”. The team of the Mister Science program visited the LNS. At the genetic identification service of our forensic medicine department, the team received the necessary information on how our experts search for DNA traces in the field of forensic genetics. And at the NCG, our experts explained to them how they look for the causes of hereditary diseases in DNA.
  • National PhD Welcome Day: the NCG team participated with our new PhD student, Lejla-Nur Smajovic.
  • 5th CANBIO retreat was organized with the support of Fonds National de la Recherche (FNR). Lejla-Nur Smajovic, along with her supervisor Prof. Dr Barbara Klink, participated with a poster presentation about NCG’s latest research project “Tumor mutational burden for personalized therapeutic decision making in cancer patients”.